Project funding opens up more opportunities for children day-care centers

         The founders and foster children of port city children day care centers are happy about the results of accelerating Project „ Complex support for social group children and youth of Klaipėda“.
         Budget Office „Family and child welfare centre of Klaipėda“, charity and support fund „Center of Spiritual help for youth“ and children day care center of charity and support fund „Dienvidis“ are participating in a Project which is funded by European Economic Area and Norway.
         This project aims to increase the welfare for children and youth of risk group. According to the head of the Project in Klaipėda Jurgita Kulevičienė, who is the head of the children day care center of charity and support fund „Dienvidis“, the Project provided an opportunity for staff to gain good experience and improve the wellbeing of children who are attending day care centers.
Children are happy that the transport equipment was supplemented with new high-quality bicycles for all three day centers. It is glad that more children can go to their beloved camping when the weather will be warmer.
The infrastructure of centers is also improved: Budget Office „Family and child welfare centre of Klaipėda“ is equipped with a new playground, indoor repairs made in „Dienvidis“ allows to create more comfortable spaces, where children can gather and spend time. Also there is an equipped space where early professional development sessions are held.
„So far there are classes of floristics, photography, clerical courses and self-presentational education. We are planning to open three classes of early professions after New Year. Classes like these are needed for less motivated children who don‘t know what they want in school“,- said J. Kulevičienė.
Specialits of day care centers were able to improve their professional knowledge by Project funding. Psychologist psychotherapist Aušra Kurienė shared her experience in training „Application and implementation of therapeutic work methodology when working with children with emotional and behavioral disorders“.
Also specialists of the centers gained valuable information from art therapy methodology training which were led by Dr. Viktorija Grigaliūnienė.
„Workers of all three centers went to Munich (Germany) to gain more good experience. We visited the girls’ socialization center, which significantly differs from the centers of its kind in our country. We have not grown in this area yet. Also, we visited the youth house, a family center, child protection center. Experience like this is priceless and very valuable“, – said J. Kulevičienė.
„We are planning to go to Norvay this spring to gain similar experiences. The project was launched on November 2014 and scheduled for completion by summer 2016. We are happy for this Project, because every opportunity opens much more new opportunities. It is important that all three day care centers can take part in this Project. It promotes cooperation, dealing with the challenges  in complex and work towards common goals.“, – welcomed head of “Dienvidis”.
news_image5645465EXPERIENCE. Workers of all three centers went to Munich (Germany) to gain more good experience.