About us

“Dienvidis” is a fund of charity and relief. In day-centre a social support is orientated in education of children’s social competence.

Social competence refers to a social, emotional and cognitive skills and behaviour that are needed for successful adaptation, how to demand of particular situation, ability to understand the emotions of others and to be social aware.

Family is a background of child’s life. In the family a child gets social experience, recognizes true worth. Children who are growing in social risk families usually have high self-flagellation or even a lack of ordinary social skills.

The mission of day-centre “Dienvidis” is to ensure child’s education of social competence, to give what he is missing without taking away a child from the family. In order to this, the premise is upholstered as much as possible to be similar as at home. In day-centre the premise is cosy, nice and warm as at home. The education of social competence is teaching through daily living needs, communicating with each other and adults, also to educate responsibility is necessary skill.

There are such services in day-centre: nutrition, to take a bath, laundry, to change clothes or wear, to do homework. The main social skills are formed: communication, daily living needs (how to cook, to clean or hygiene) or work needs (vegetable-growing, gardening, knitting, felting and etc). At the same time work is continued with all the family: parenthood sessions are organized for parents, a social worker or psychologist is consulting. Tours, holidays or family afternoons are organized together with parents.

At one time 25 school-aged children can be in day-centre. The period of work with a child is determined according to its own needs. Mostly the time is about one year. According to a decision of Klaipeda City Municipality children are directed to this day-centre.

Hopefully, children who are attending this day-centre will think about themselves as human beings, know their strongest parts, get skills which are needed in daily life, learn to create successful life. We hope children will know how to forgive grievance, be not afraid of hardness and they will know how to solve problems by their own.dienvidis_foto